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Ever been compelled to ask another student, “will you write my essays for me?” One limitation in school is dealing with time constraints due to other obligations with personal or work lives. However, many examinations continue to include articles that need finishing or handing in under severe time constraints (Chan, 2007). Writing is more than just connecting grammatical forms together. It also requires critical thinking of ideas and putting them in an appropriate language which is often a difficult skill to acquire. This is a rather daunting task and requires time to perfect (Chan, 2007). In light of this, people may look for convenient ways to complete their assignments that are sure to attain high scores for them. These services are within the scope of professionals who write essays for money. Most of these are found within the online essay writing services whereby, quality work is presented upon the said deadlines thus relieving the pressure that most students would experience had they done it themselves.

Argumentation is the fundamental requirement of any piece assigned to students. It is the most common genre that they are expected to write. The realization of argumentative writing is often poorly understood by academic tutors and therefore not adequately taught in school (Wingate, 2012). Due to the increased use of digital technology to conduct research, writing is made easier due to the availability of different resources. Among these resources are the online essay writing services where an individual is not only presented with a well written argumentative composition, but also a chance to increase their knowledge on the same. Those who write essays for money on these sites are usually professionals in the field of which the task is assigned. Such a method of learning is attractive for those having a difficult time comprehending information in class. In addition to this, it is also cost-effective as people can choose a service plan that they consider affordable (Klimova, & Poulova, 2011). Students, therefore, have the option of choosing from the cheapest essay writing services that they find informative and of significance.

Research has found a significant correlation between performance and poverty with students emanating from poor households experiencing difficulties in school (Lacour, & Tissington, 2011). Essay writing in school forms a basis from which educationally skilled persons can earn some extra income. Such individuals can act as tutors and sign up for online essay writing services where they can charge for their services. Depending on the situation, they transition from asking a fellow student, “please write my essay for me?” to the one getting paid to work on their pieces. This is on condition that they align themselves with an institution that facilitates the services for people who write essays for money. Effective writing is grounded on a cognitive domain with aspects of learning, comprehension, application, and synthesis (Defazio, 2012). Therefore, as compared to what students may consider as laborious, one may charge a small fee to provide content that is both reflective of what is learned throughout the course while developing personal mastery over the rules of writing as an individual (Defazio, 2012).

Essay writing helps promote critical thinking, shows an understanding of the material presented in class, structure and organize arguments, and learning about the real life. People pick up skills that they can use on a daily basis, and if the information is not provided efficiently in class, or constrained by time, can outsource from online essay writing services. The internet provided a series of affordable online writing services with tutors to help them understand essay writing concept for a fee. Depending on the amount one is willing to spend, choosing from of the cheapest essay writing services available can assist students to achieve what they may not while in class. College students and school peers who come from low-income families can sign up as tutors as well to earn extra income while in school as well as there is a close association between performance and economic status of an individual while in school.


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