Until we can manage time, it is impossible to handle anything else (Burrus et.al, 2013). Time management skills ultimately dictate the level of success in a person’s life. The same applies to college as one is expected to set goals, prioritize, plan, and organize themselves into achieving objectives under pressure and constrained time limits. Research has shown that time management is a key determinant of academic performance (Burrus et.al, 2013). Students are overburdened by academic workload, personal commitments, part-time jobs and family responsibilities (Irfan, & Azmi, 2014). When students are not attending classes, they are either working with classmates in group discussions or attempting to beat the deadline for assignment submissions. It is imperative that they understand the need to create a balance between workload distribution, leisure, and extra-curricular activities to ensure that they excel academically (Irfan, & Azmi, 2014). Personally, attending classes has never been a problem, but setting aside time to do my homework, attend social functions, and in some cases, perform work related activities has always been difficult.

Assignments form an integral part of the curriculum as most of the covered material requires individuals to possess impeccable writing skills. Writing involves putting together a series of words together to form a clear meaning and is a difficult thing to acquire in some cases (Chan, 2007). As it mostly requires critical thinking, I am usually hesitant to have anybody write my essays for me, but circumstances force me towards this option. Using impromptu essay writing tasks in school can help identify student weaknesses and where they go wrong when it comes to organizing themselves and managing time efficiently (Gregg et.al, 2007). This explains why professional essay writers deliver quality work even when met with the most severe time constraints. Learning from their previous mistakes makes them better at time management. However, even these professional essay writers are prone to making mistakes, but theirs differ from those for college student based on a comparative study conducted on both groups (Lunsford, & Lunsford, 2008). Therefore, it is wrong to make the assumption that low-quality articles will necessarily come from the cheapest essay writing service.

Essay writers are pivotal in relieving the pressure that comes with the completion of assignments and tight submission dates. Although they do this work for a fee, students will be astonished as to the quality work delivered by some of the cheapest essay writing services found online. Not only do they get to assist me to do my homework, but also conduct deep research for my assignments to come up with a final paper that is informative and of academic stature. This is something that I would have otherwise been unable to achieve had I done the research myself. Skimming through information, without actually paying attention to it, would have been the highlight of the article in a bid to complete the task and move on to the next. It is no secret that I quite often find myself seeking help from classmates or online services that can write my essays for me. It does not mean that I am lazy when it comes to school work, but because there is barely any time left to sit and focus on them myself considering the load of work, and other related chores that I need to fulfill first.  The pressure from all these obligations is a prompt to engage in some time management techniques.

In conclusion, a college student should take note of the aspects of their life demanding time allocation and strive to achieve a balance. School assignments are an extension of class work and eat into time that could be spent doing other things. As much as personally completing assigned essays may assist in acquiring time management skills, it may be close to impossible in some cases. At this point, outsourcing help from essay writers can relieve pressure and increase the time needed for other activities.


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