Date: November 1, 2015

Banana Republic

banana republic cubaPaper instructions:

Explain to me how Cuba was a banana republic and how was it set up, and explain to me how panama was a banana republic and how was it set up?  Continue reading

Power and Social Work

power and social workPaper instructions:

Write a SIX page essay on the role of power and oppression in social work practice Continue reading

Organizational Culture and Overall Performance

Organizational_CulturePaper Instructions:

Does a strong organizational culture increase the overall performance of a firm? Illustrate a real-life example to support your arguments. Continue reading

The US and ISIS

Paper Instructions:

Should the US send military to the ISIS? Continue reading

Leadership Assignment

leadership in organizationsPaper Instructions:

Using relevant theories and models critically evaluate and analyse the leadership of a 21st century leader of a (business, government or not-for-profit) organisation.  Continue reading

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