Date: November 17, 2015

Global Water and Sanitation Issue

water and sanitation globally

A Young Girl Drinking Water Straight from a Tap

Paper instructions:

Write a Ten page Final Report on the research of the major global issue of water and sanitation. Continue reading

Servant Leadership

servant leadershipPaper instructions:

Select 2 of the 5 Assignment 3 Questions and answer them in 350-400 words each. What is servant leadership? What are the characteristics of servant leadership according to the author? Continue reading

Health Care Policy Formation

nurse_with_stethoscopePaper instructions:

The policy should be on “Who should be required, if anyone, to cover contraception?” Continue reading



A Depiction of America’s Influence on the World

Paper instructions:

Where and in what forms does Imperialism still occur today? Continue reading

History of Florence, Italy

renaissance art florence Italy

Florence Cathedral, Italy

Paper instructions:

Brief history of Florence, Italy and emphasize on art of the renaissance Continue reading

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