Date: November 7, 2015

Diversity in America

diversity in americaPaper instructions:

Question: Does TV capture the diversity of America? Your task is to choose one of the topics and provide a well-researched discussion and argument of a specific contemporary topic or ongoing controversy in which you provide your own thoughts on what occurred/ is happening presently in today’s society. Continue reading

Strategic Management

ebay strategic managementPaper instructions:

Examine the company, eBay. In addition to investigating the eBay Web site, you should be able to find additional information about the company in Lexis/Nexis, Proquest, and other relevant business publications available via the Internet. Continue reading

Operations Management

operations managementPaper instructions:

Write a short presentation to a Warehouse Manager, stating the main points of focus you would wish to communicate regarding the benefits of quality management? Continue reading

Cultural Differences and Organizational Change

corporate culturePaper instructions:

Write a research paper on Cultural differences affecting organizational change in Eastern Europe and Russia in a multinational organization in 2005-2010. Continue reading

Mental Health Care

mental healthPaper Instructions:

Should psychiatrists have a monopoly on the treatment of mental illness? Continue reading

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