no plagiarism

Credit: Steemie

            Original work is the hallmark of academic integrity, particularly when the ideas and concepts expressed also capture critical intelligentsia about the topic. Originality not only proves to the readers that a writer knows his subject, but it also assures anyone of the quality of the character of the writer, their professionalism, and academic inclinations.  The process of writing an essay is sometimes daunting, and the temptation to cheat or falsify sources are very high. Whenever I write my paper, or for another person, the most important consideration that rings to the mind is to avoid any incidences of plagiarism and grammatical errors. The critical problem often arises when I ask someone else to do my homework, and they have to struggle to imagine how I would have framed my ideas.            The many companies that offer writing services online must undertake a very exhaustive work to prepare the writers to have the capacity to look at the world through the spectacles of every client they get. It is only through such a rigorous preparation that anyone can write an original paper for another person’s uses. Nonetheless, the fact that academic writing skills are standardized makes it possible for a ghost writer to complete a very original paper for another student regardless of their diverse worldviews.

            When writing an essay, the writer must do an exhaustive survey of the topic under consideration. They have to understand the subject matter and should consult extensively to be able to gather the relevant ideas together in the rough draft of the essay. Consulting other authors’ works is in itself not an act of violation unless the author fails to render credit for the sources consulted. Writers who do a lot of contracted writing through the writing services online must be very diligent and disciplined. For instance, they cannot write one paper for two clients even if they present the same tasks. It is expected that they must have academic writing skills to know how to facilitate every client with an original work.

Many students have approached me to write their papers particularly when they have jobs besides studies and still want to attain good grades. I often write my papers to very high standards that I would do my professional writing work for any other agencies. Furthermore, when the client finds that they can attain very high scores through the writing services online, they often come back expecting the very high levels of integrity and quality. Writing an essay to achieve pure originality is simple; one needs to consult widely and to paraphrase the ideas of other writers and at the same time render correct citation for such borrowed ideas.

In conclusion, everyone who is in the business of writing services online knows that when clients are satisfied, they come back and they make good referrals. Those who write poor papers and copy ideas without honestly acknowledging the sources end up into trouble and they cannot sustain the high levels of competition in the industry. Extensive mastery of academic writing skills is useful for anyone to write original papers. It also helps to make adequate preparation for the paper before the actual writing exercise and having others read your paper before submission can readily yield because others might pick out mistakes that the author might overlook.