In this essay, you are reporting the details uncovered by your research in addition to the narrative of how you did it. Devote at least one paragraph per object to accurately describe the object you are analyzing. Describe its shape and composition. List the items and figures in each of your pair of images. Indicate the style of depiction (realistic/naturalistic or abstracted/stylized).

Give date of production and medium used. Your descriptions should be guided by the information you have researched about the object. For each object, provide context. This is best done by consulting an art survey text that positions the object in a historic and stylistic period. Do NOT rely on biographies. If, say, an object is associated with Surrealism, we want to know something about Surrealism in general and how the object you are examining is conceptually related to that trend. Establishing context cannot be done off the top of your head. It requires research.