Write a 400 to 500 words paper of your oral presentation that you’ll give for your project. Your presentation will require combining the skills you’ve been developing of historical analysis, visual analysis, and personalizing works of art. Your presentation should include the following:

 1) Introduction

 2) Historical Analysis: Think of what information is important about   the artwork, and also what information is interesting.

3) Visual Analysis: Mention all the elements of design. Choose the very best words and use them in a clear way.

4) Personal Reflection: What does it make me think of, make me feel? What role do those thoughts and feelings have in your life? What role could this artwork play in society for others?

5) Conclusion

6) Bibliography Additional considerations:

Bibliography: Cite three credible sources, including at least two sources besides the textbook (no encyclopedias). Find sources that support your opinions or the ideas you want to present, not the other way around. Don’t do what I did in college, which was to look for a quotation or excerpt that sounded smart and fill in my project around it. When you approach a project in this way, it is transparent to your audience. Instead make up your own mind, craft your thesis, and find trustworthy sources that reinforce your analysis.

Make sure it is clear when the words and thoughts are your own and when they come from someone or somewhere else. This is a key tactic to avoiding plagiarism. Cite your sources correctly and in the proper format (MLA style).