Pick any healthcare organization that you wish to visit. Schedule an interview (in-person is preferable, but phone will suffice) with the Quality Assurance Coordinator and discuss the following questions:
• What are the top three issues that your organization is currently facing in Quality Assurance?
• Are there any tools or processes that your organization uses to aid in Quality Assurance? If so, please describe them in the context of one of the issues you are currently facing.
• What Quality Assurance measures do you track on an ongoing basis?
• Does your organization differentiate between quality assurance and risk management? If so, how?
• What advice would you give to help prepare someone new to the field of Quality Assurance?

In your paper, summarize the results of your interview. Next, compare and contrast your findings with the materials you’ve covered in class (i.e., lectures, readings, IHI Open School courses, discussion posts, and journal articles). What are the similarities (if any)? What are the differences (if any)?
Your paper should include an introductory paragraph that includes a purpose statement and a brief outline, as well as introduces the subject of your interview (name, organization, title). Your paper should also include a conclusion that summarizes the main points of your paper.