Describe the choreography of a traditional ballet. How do the dancers hold their bodies – what is their posture like overall? What is it like when they jump or leap, and how do they land back on the stage? What kinds of lines do they make with their arms/legs? When the dancers perform as a group, what is that like? How do these things differ or remain the same in the Rite of Spring?

Describe the costumes worn in a traditional ballet (not necessarily the swan themed costuming but more generally). How do the costumes “fit” on the bodies of the dancers? What types of fabrics are used? Why do you think the costumes typically fit into this mold? What are the costumes in the Rite of Spring like? Why do you think the costumes look like this in the Rite?
What type of music do you expect to hear in a traditional ballet? What does the music in the Rite of Spring sound like? How does it fit with the theme being presented in the mis-en-scene and choreography?