Identify a product that has significant meaning to you – specifically, a product that you have brand loyalty towards and answer the following questions:Think back to when you learned about and adopted this product. Explain where you would have fallen within Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory.
Think about this product today. Where does it fall within the Product Life Cycle? Explain your rationale.Think about this product compared to similar products:What is this product’s brand and positioning statement ? What is its  branding strategy ? Why are you loyal to this brand? What type of emotional connection or ownership do you feel towards this brand?  What (if anything) would cause you to switch to a different brand? Finally, think about how this product is packaged:
Explain the role packaging played in getting you to notice the product.
Explain whether or not the packaging creates a customer experience for you. Be sure to explain why or why not.
Explain whether or not the product’s packaging (quality, style, etc.) aligns with the price of the product’ Does this justify the cost