Choose two works of art or architecture to compare in this paper. Both works must be of Western origin (i.e. European, North American) and fall within  c. 1300 CE – present time frame . One work must be from a textbook , the other must be from an outside source (search museum websites, or check out ArtStor for ideas).
Provide a formal analysis (description) of each work, discuss the subject matter, situate each work within its cultural/historical context, and provide a comparison of the two works you have selected. Your paper should be well organized, with an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You must use at least three sources in your research. Appropriate sources include books, journal articles, and legitimate websites (such as Oxford Art Online and major museum websites)—Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for an academic paper, and you will be subject to a 5 point grade deduction if you use it or other dubious resources.