Drawing on theory and evidence, critically analyze the claim that the ability to apply critical thinking significantly enhances a project manager’s skills to successfully lead a project from beginning to end. Agree or disagree?
You should present the essay with an introduction, a carefully considered logical argument, a clear critical position and an appropriate conclusion.

What do you need to do:
Similar to a literature review, the essay is predominantly a presentation, classification and evaluation of what other researchers have written on the subject and the significance for professional practice. You must do more than describe or discuss advantages and disadvantages. Instead you should: 
• Compare and contrast different authors’ views.
• Group authors to draw similar conclusions.
• Critique aspects of methodology. 
• Identify and analyse areas in which authors are in disagreement. 
• Highlight gaps in research. 
• Synthesise findings and draw conclusions. 
• Construct a continuous line of argument. 
• Take a critical position throughout.

Assessment Criteria: 
• Use of relevant literature/knowledge of theory. 
• Understanding of theory and evidence. 
• Depth of analysis. 
• Synthesis.
• Structure and clarity of position. 
• Critical reasoning/critical thinking. 
• Continuity of line of argument. 
• Ability to use correct citations and referencing technique.
• Clarity of writing style, e.g. appropriate use of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, paragraphing, clarity of expressions.