John is the CEO of ABC Company and has turned the company around. Prior to John being appointed as the CEO, the company had some financial problems. John came in, made the necessary changes that needed to be made and the company has not only turned around, but it also continues to prosper under John’s leadership. Clearly, John has the business acumen to run a company. However, the issue that has come to light is John’s character. John is married with children but is a flirt inside and outside the company. Within the company, no one has made any formal complaints (e.g., harassment), but everyone is well aware of his flirtatious character, and he does not try to hide it. Outside the company, John has been seen in social settings with other women behaving in a manner that does not appear to be platonic in nature. In addition, he has been seen attending different Gala openings for new businesses with different women (not his wife) and behaving again in a non-platonic manner.

You are a member of the Board of Directors for ABC Company. As a Board member, you are asked for your recommendation and course of action for this scenario: From a company’s perspective, explain if you see any potential problem(s) with John’s behavior. If so what are they? If not, why not? explain. A well thought out recommendation is expected.