In an essay of no more than 1500 words, identify the key claims of this text “Parity of Muslim and Western Concepts of Just War ” or , and discuss the extent to which these claims are supported by evidence. Relate your discussion to what you have learned in A332 Book 2, Controversial Practices (Beattie (ed.), 2013).At the end, append a list of at least three bullet points indicating the main ways in which you think your chosen text relates to what you have learned in Book 2. 

Part 1 requires you to read the text carefully and understand the claims that it is making. You need to identify the key claims of this text, discuss the way they are developed and evidenced and relate your discussion of them to what you have learned in Book 2. So, while either Tarlo’s (2010) or Blankinship’s (2011) texts needs to be your focal point, your discussion of the claims presented in either of these texts needs to draw on relevant aspects of your wider learning from the chapters in Book 2 and their associated readings. The list of bullet points that you have been asked to add should form the basis of your spoken presentation for Part 2.


Part 2

Record a spoken presentation that focuses on how you think the arguments presented in your chosen article relate to what you have learned in Book 2. This audio presentation should last three minutes and refer to the issues covered in the bullet points you appended to your essay. The presentation should be aimed at an audience of fellow students, who have not taken this module, have a general knowledge of some of the issues involved, but are not experts on this specific area.In order to make the audio recording, you should use the Audio Recording Tool (ART) and a headset with a microphone. Technical advice about using ART (or suitable alternatives) for your oral presentation can be found in the Assessment Guide, Section 4 .