This is an analysis of the competing 4 sources of divine revelation, and the socio-political influences that surface in the Front line documentary,  “The Jesus Factor”. Attend to the debates about Christianity in the film that fueled George W. Bush’s campaign and US foreign policies in the previous decade.  Identify the interplay and/or counterpoint of the four sources Tradition, Reason, Experience, and Scripture in the political Developments that this film documents. You can ground your answers in specific politicians’, political parties’ or critical scholar’s points of view. (It might also be helpful to determine the relative authority or value that different players ascribe to these sources.) 10 marks 2. Can you say something here about socio-cultural or economic forces that shape religious identity and convictions? 5 marks 3. How is Jesus portrayed/discussed in this documentary? 5 marks 4. Additional critical reflections: – of your own choosing plus – did this religio-political struggle remind you of any other historical debates/events that we have studied? How so? 5 marks Grammar/Clarity 5 marks To cite the transcript provided: (Aronson, The Jesus Factor, 2004, transcript, p.x) Video can be found online.