Sarah Polley’s film adaption Away from Her represents healthcare issues through the marriage of Fiona and Grant. Critically reflect upon the represented issues in the film and/or Munro’s story and write a research paper (four to five pages) based on ONE of the following topics:

Is Grant’s decision of taking Fiona to an assisted living facility suitable for her conditions? How does the decision reveal about their marriage or love relationship?

Compare and/or contrast the scenes that depict Fiona’s progression of Alzheimer’s disease in Away from Her with those in “The Bear Came over the Mountain.” What element of Munro’s story is missing or dramatized in the film adaptation? Why?


  1. Submit your essay through the Dropbox in D2L.
  2. Your essay must be formatted in correct APA style throughout.
  3. The research paper is worth 25% of your final grade.
  4. The due date is available in your course syllabus.
  5. Ensure your essay has a clear thesis statement in the introduction.
  6. Supplement your analysis with reference to two to four peer-reviewed journal article. Do NOT use any other secondary sources such as Wikipedia or online news websites.
  7. Your essay should be four to five pages long, plus a cover page and a references page.
  8. If you quote Polley’s film or Munro’s story in your essay, put the words in quotation marks followed by an in-text citation, i.e. (Polley, 2006) or (Munro, 2013).