Assignment 1:

Provide your reasoned opinion (i.e. exhibiting your ability to develop a logical analysis and synthesizing from your research) regarding:

  1. Why health care costs in the U.S. are so much higher compared to health care costs in so many other nations.
  2. Why the U.S. ranks poorly compared to so many other nations on so many health status indicators.
  3. What policies would you change in the U.S. health system that would improve on our health cost profile and health status ranking?

Assignment 2:

Utilizing at least one quantitative and one qualitative health policy research method, design a study to examine whether health centers [including the federally qualified health center model] are able to reduce or eliminate health disparities across racial or ethnic and socioeconomic subpopulation.

Part 2:  You must respond to two (2) out of the following. Please number each of your selected responses, matching that of the assignment.  EACH response should be approximately 450- 500 words, but more is acceptable. This is exclusive of any headings, copying of the questions, reference citations etc. You must provide at least two reference citations in support of each of your responses. At least one reference must provide support for your analysis/opinions/suggestions, related to the concepts and themes from the course as opposed to descriptive material related to “the current situation.”  You may not use the assigned readings as the required one reference.

Assignment 3: With the support from our course material and outside research respond to the following (You must respond to both sections). This is considered to be one response. acceptable.

  1. Why do you consider the mentally ill to be currently considered a vulnerable population?
  2. Provide your reasoned opinion (utilizing principles of policy and politics of why you do or do not believe the mentally ill will be considered a vulnerable population for the foreseeable future?


Assignment 4:

Select what you believe is a current, major public health threat that has emerged as such in the last 25 years.

  1. Provide a supported rationale for your selection.
  2. Using principles of policy and politics, why do you believe the threat remains with us?
  3. Using principles of policy and politics, how would you suggest the threat could be more effectively addressed?


Assignment 5: Do some research and provide the positions/concerns of one key stakeholder or interest group, e.g. American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, AARP regarding current legislative proposals related to health reform. Provide your reasoned opinion as to whether you believe the positions/concerns are or are not valid.