The main focus of this assignment is to critically analyze, by comparing and contrasting, how your two news media sources (Right vs Left) relayed the information to you.  Two general areas include bias and use of complete information.

Choose a  MINIMUM of 5 points to analyze.  You may also consider any other point which compares/contrasts your two news media sources. Support these points!  When looking for specific examples to support your points, look for both verbal and non-verbal clues.  Look at the visuals, the headlines, catchy or loaded words/phrases, placement of article, whether each side (or various sides) are discussed, look at the length devoted to each side. Lastly, summarize your findings by discussing and explaining whether or not the reader/listener could make a rational decision after reading/listening to both of these articles/broadcasts.

-Do not write in the first person (I, me, my, we, us) as it diminishesfrom the objectivity of this analysis.

– Do not provide a long analysis of the actual topic; the focus is on analyzing the media.

-Do not simply summarize the articles/broadcasts.  Remember, the main focus is to critically analyze the media sources.

– Do not bring in your own personal opinion.  You must remain as objective as possible.

– Do not plagiarize.  Properly cite your sources.

I would prefer the media sources used to be Fox and Huffington Post
but really any American news media will work.