Use different sources to find where people go the most to get their food. For Instance, fast food places, restaurants, and grocery stores. Use paraphrasing and quotations to support the argument and make sure to quote each source properly. When quoting make sure to give the quote a proper introduction and explanation. Clearly establish your position and give a feasible, logical solution to the problem. Make sure that you find an issue that has to do with the topic and clearly explain what it is with your words and with evidence. Something that you should also write about is food labeling and how accurate or inaccurate it is and what the real purpose of it is. When you give your solution make sure to give specific examples of what people should do to eat better. Make sure you provide the links to the pages that you use or books that you have used in the work cited page. and all of the citations should be in an MLA 8 format. Also use only reliable sources. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning the paper. Also if I need additional information I will let you know. If you can connect the issue that you have found to Long Beach, Ca and how that issue is also a global problem.