Identify the most appropriate inferential statistical testing for each of the research scenario. Explain why the testing is the most appropriate choice. Offer the research hypothesis in your discussion. 1. A social worker wants to study if gender explains levels of anxiety among his clients. He collects information from 60 clients on the following two variables: (1) Gender: “Male” or “Female” (2) Level of Anxiety: Measured based on a 20-point anxiety scale; higher scores represent greater anxiety level. 2. A criminologist studies the relationship between age and length of sentencing among juvenile offenders. She collects data from 100 juvenile offenders on the following two variables: (1) The actual age when crime was committed (2) Sentencing in months received by an offender 3. A resource officer in a public high school wants to investigate the use of an increasingly popular drug “K2”. He wonders if a student’s socioeconomic status has any effect on the use of K2. He obtains consent from the guardians of students who have known to use K2 based on school and local police records. He then collects information from 30 students on the following two variables: (1) Student’s socioeconomic background: “Lower class”, “Middle class”, or “Upper class” (2) Amount of K2 (in ounce) consumed during a typical week 4. A sociologist studies whether or not teens with an incarcerated household member are more likely to become pregnant than teens who do not have this risk factor. She collects information from 40 high school students on the following two variables: (1) “Is there any adult living with you who has gone to prison/jail?” The response is either “Yes” or “No”. (2) “Have you ever experienced pregnancy?” The response is either “Yes” or “No”. 5. A teacher wants to know if Head Start program for preschoolers from low-income family helps improve student’s math ability. He collects information from 20 Head Start students on the following two variables: (1) A benchmark math test (with a total of 100 points) in the begin of a semester (2) A end-of-year math test (with a total of 100 points) at the end of the semester

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