Paper instructions:

Length:  The paper should be typed, single spaced, minimum of three pages, maximum of four pages. The introductory paragraph should be limited to two sentences.
Coverage:  This paper is assigned to develop ethical awareness and to encourage development of your writing skills. Write a paper describing ethical responsibilities in tax practice.  Assume a target audience of CPA firm staff accountants with less than 5 years of experience. You should summarize and explain the rules in your own words.  Limited direct quotes are acceptable, but they should be properly identified as direct quotes and the source should be indicated.
Formal legal citations and footnotes and a works cited page are not required.  Include coverage of the following:
•    Violations which are subject to penalties under Code sections 6694 and 6695—Be sure to use the latest version of the Code (amended 6694 is linked on D2L).  Do not cover the dollar amount and percentage calculation of any penalties or the process for paying or contesting penalties.  In describing Code sections, recall that the Internal Revenue Code is written by Congress, not by the IRS, and it is not called the IRS code.
•    Circular 230 (linked on D2L)—Provide a brief overview, plus explanation of:
1.    What is “practice before the IRS” and who may practice (for awareness,  that the registered tax return preparer program has been stopped by the IRS in response to a federal court decision), and
2.    What are the rules on return of client records.
•    Statements on Standards for Tax Services (linked on D2L)—Provide a brief overview, plus explanation of statements 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.Notes:  Taxpayer is one word (not tax payer), the Internal Revenue Code is not called the IRS Code, and the negotiation of a check in Sec 6695 refers to the legal term “negotiate” (look it up if you don’t know it from business law).

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