This assignment should be treated as a report about operating systems and their history. The main and the only information source should be the book Modern Operating Systems by Andraw S. Tanenbaum , a PDF file of the complete book is attached.You can actually depend only on the first part of the book 1.1 What is an operating System and 1.2 History of operating Systems from page 1 to 16. You can add other elements from the book but it should be only about what is operating systems and its history.The assignment is for high school level. The language should not exceed this level except for historical information and technical terminology

  • The report should contains:
    1. Introduction: write a description about the topic (no more than 1 page) from the book (with citation)
    2. Make the comparison if any ( between different generations of Operations systems for example)
  • Write the feature of the topic (citation for the book)
  1. Results or conclusions
  2. References : as

Author Name, Subject Title, Publisher details, ISBN, date.