personality and drug usePaper Instruction:

Write a 7-page paper about Personality factors in drug use

For this course, you’re going to write a term paper, sometimes called a literature review. You will review five professional-level sources, such as journal articles or books, on a single topic. Some of your articles must be from the journal databases at TCC—but you may cull from other sources as long as they’re professional level. So no articles from Newsweek, but you can draw from the Monitor on Psychology. Psychology Today isn’t exactly professional level, but it covers things in much greater depth than newspapers or magazines usually do, so I’ll accept that. Legitimate medical or psychological websites (e.g., CDC, NIH, Mayo Clinic, APA) are also acceptable.

The choice of topic can be anything in personality. You could do a paper on personality factors in drug use or sexual behavior. You could discuss a personality disorder, or a personality system (e.g., Eric Fromm’s personality theory). In some way, your paper should not just present information, but also come to some summary or conclusion.

Your paper should be 5 – 7 pages, double-spaced, of actual text (not counting the cover page or references). Of course, everything that isn’t a quote (rare in psychology) should be in your own words. Be sure to keep quoting to a minimum—I want to see how well you can write, not someone else . Parenthetic citations and references should be in correct APA style, and by now you know of multiple sources to help you with that (such as the textbook and links in previous assignments).

Hint: Smart paper writers turn on the spell checker and grammar checker in their word processing program—this helps you avoid errors. Remember that APA style requires page numbers. Abstracts are not required for term papers.

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