Why is power such an important concept in understanding employment relations? Critically evaluate the ways in which employees can increase their power at work.

Assessment Criteria- Students will have to choose ONE essay topic. Essays should be thoroughly grounded in the literature, use appropriate theoretical concepts, provide illustrative examples where appropriate, and evidence of a well-constructed and argued piece of work.

The assignment will be assessed on the extent to which the student is able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Display knowledge and understanding of the content, scope and limitations of the chosen topic;
  2. Bring together and critically evaluate theoretical and critical perspectives on the chosen topic;
  3. Integrate and reflect on in-class learning and independent study and research into the coursework;
  4. Formulate and communicate a well- structured, researched and developed argument responding to the question, observing the academic standards of grammar, spelling and referencing.

For more guidance on writing your essay please refer to the module guide p.5-6.

N.B. Please use the Harvard system of citation and referencing


– Your essay should not exceed the 2,675 word limit. This excludes references which should be clearly stated at the end of your essay using the Harvard referencing style

– Please use 11pt Arial Font, double spaced.

– Clearly state the question you are answering and the word count

– You are strongly advised to draw references from the reading material provided for this course and if you wish supplement this with additional readings.