Paper instructions:

2 pages double spaced maximum for this assignment.  You can go over 1 page for the first episode as long as your response for the second video is shorter). Think critically and deeply about each question and try to relate the concepts to your personal life. Please number each question and do not write out the questions.  Upload your responses in one document on blackboard, do not upload more than once or upload two documents. Thank you!

Episode 1:

1. Given our wealth and medical advances, why does the United States rank 29th for life expectancy (as of 12/07)?  What are the connections between healthy bodies and healthy bank accounts and race/ethnicity?2. What stories from Corey Anderson’s life exemplify a high demand/low control job and stressful home situation?

3. What stories from Jim Taylor’s life illustrate how wealth, power and status translate into better health?

4. Give 2 examples of both “everyday” racism (being treated unfairly and “structural” racism (access to resources, power, status, wealth) and describe how those might affect health in different ways.

Episode 2:

1. Birth outcomes, like other health indicators, follow the wealth-health gradient. Why do wealthier and more educated mothers have better outcomes. According to the video, why do African American women at each income level have worse outcomes than their white counterparts?

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