marketing strategy Paper Instructions:

You are a consultant hired by a Middle Eastern firm (it can be either in the manufacturing or services sector) seeking to make its first entry into the Western European market. Your role is to give an opinion on the advisability of such a move and to provide guidance regarding the most appropriate Western European location for the venture. Your report should highlight the challenges and opportunities likely to face your client if s/he decides to embark on such a move; analysis of the general business environment, sector and competitor analysis and advice on how to enter the market.

Requirements of the report

The Report should not be more than 3,000 words. It should be written in report form (see below) and be word processed (including all tables). It must follow standard academic writing conventions in terms of referencing. The report must include the following

  1. Short introduction of an organisation
  2. Why are we planning overseas?
  3. Report should be aimed at CEO
  4. Should cover taking an organisation from one geography to another geography
  5. What are the specific risk and opportunities
  6. What are the viable modes of entry – Advice on entry mode – i.e. what would be the most appropriate entry mode and why
  7. What will be the cultural issues – Please note culture is a must
  8. Why we choose the country
  9. What would be cultural issues?
  10. What would be ethical issues
  11. Look at political structure/stability
  12. Social issues
  13. Demographics
  14. It should be Advice on the general business context – both internationally and nationally
  15. Sector and competitor analysis
  16. Recommendations on how and whether the investment should go ahead (all the previous analysis should support your recommendation)
  • The advice given should be based on the academic literature on theory and evidence on factors relevant to the location and sector.
  • The use of statistics and tables to support your case is welcomed – summary or key data should be in the main body of the text and referred to in the text. More detailed data (statistics, and material that defines or explains the meanings of terms used in the report etc) used to support your advice should be put in appendices. Such appendices will not count towards the word limit. However, material that is in appendices which is not data to support the case for the advice given in the report will not be marked. That is, appendices cannot be used to overcome the word limit by including in appendices material that should be in the body of the report.

Advice on the structure of the report

The report should include the following.

  • Executive Summary (very brief) – main areas investigated and a summary of the advice given. Executives are busy people with short attention spans and may not read the whole report. Therefore, this must be brief but also include the main points of the report and key findings.
  • Introduction – terms of reference, an outline of the industry/company and the ‘problem’.
  • The main body of the text – this should be well structured and build towards your recommendations and conclusions.
  • Recommendations and conclusions for the key areas outlined above. There should be a separate section for each area, which puts the case for the various options and provides an argument, backed by analysis and evidence, for the recommended option.
  • Reference list – full references for sources used in the report. NB There should not be a bibliography. All the material in the reference list should be referred to in the text of the report.
  • Appendices – data (as defined above used in the report).

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