Berber_MoroccoPaper instructions:

1. What initially drew your interest to this culture group, society or cultural phenomenon and what did you hope to achieve by studying them?2. Provide a history of the group or phenomenon. Please include early, middle and recent historical narratives. How has this group been changed by historical forces such as globalization, immigration population increase and/or environmental factors?

3. Describe in detail the geographical niche that this group occupies. Is this niche different from their original niche? If so, how and what caused it to change. What kind of relationship exists between the physical environment and the cultural forms?

4. How does this group make a living? What kind of cultural artifacts do they produce?

5. What anthropologists have studied this group or cultural phenomenon? Provide a succinct narrative detailing who has studies this group and what their findings/academic achievements were.

6. Based on the theories you have learned in class, which one would you select to study this group or phenomenon? Provide a detailed explanation as to why you selected this theory and how it fits with what you are trying to understand.

7. What is culture shock? Based on what you have learned about the group or phenomenon, what local factors do you expect to cause you to experience culture shock?

8. Discuss three of the most interesting things you learned about the people you have studied. This may include their social organization, their religious practices, family and martial patterns, child rearing practices and other traditions/customs.

9. What kinds of challenges does the group you have studied currently face? What has caused these challenges? What feasible solutions would you suggest be implemented to address these challenges?

10. In detail discuss three things that you have learned about the anthropological profession not only through your research but also based on your learning in this class.

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