sepsis_procedure_controlPaper instructions:

Write a paper on Implementation of a Sepsis Protocol procedure for Hospitals using Evidence Based Practice and Peer Review , 6 Scholar references all withing 5 years.

this can be based from research hospitals but it must to show how the disease kills and how and what to look for in a patient do the research and build a  (Implementation of a Sepsis Protocol procedure for Hospitals with Evidence Based Practice with Peer review) so a hospital can use it to treat and what to do for and care for a person with sepsis, what to look for in a patient with sepsis how it affects the body also the use of his is a pharmacology drugs, and drugs discussed should have an inclusion/discussion of their known and/or theorized mechanism of action. We will heavily focus on mechanism in this course and how it directly relates to treatment and outcome of patho-physiological conditions I want the drug action and the pathology as well as the toxicity of the drug to the human system…..also look at what to do for different types of people as in adults, older adults and younger children.

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