relational perspectivePaper instructions:

The relational perspective hypothesizes that whether an Organization X is externally controlled by an Organization Y, upon which Organization X is dependent, is contingent upon three main factors: the importance of the resource upon which X depends on Y for;
the discretion over resource allocation which Y has over X; and
the alternatives available to which X can obtain the needed resource, other than Y.

Consider the case of Organization X = UC Berkeley and “Organization” Y = UC Berkeley undergraduate students. Now consider the three following statements, each of which speak either directly or indirectly to the dependence relationship between UC Berkeley and its undergraduates:

STATEMENT #1: UC Berkeley is required to admit any California high school student with a minimum qualifying academic performance standard.*
*Not strictly true, but for the purposes of this question, let us assume that it is.

STATEMENT #2: UC Berkeley’s incoming class is the product of the most selective admissions process ever.

STATEMENT #3: UC Berkeley’s allocation of physical space on campus favors Organized Research Units over instruction and student life.

The actual question: Pick any two from STATEMENTS #1, #2, and #3 above. For each of the two, explain whether the statement implies greater external control of undergraduate students over UC Berkeley, or less; and why. The “why” part should be discussed in terms of which of the above three relational factors (importance, discretion, alternatives available) it speaks to, and why so.

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