You work for a company called Drone Enhancers Inc. Drone enhancers make modifications to existing drones in terms of payload enhancement and imaging adaption. Your boss, Dr. Bennett (the owner) is an expert mechanical and electronics engineer. He has an FTP Server (Filezilla) that he uses to move his design work back and forth from his CAD systems at work and home. While he is a very bright drone engineer, he is not an expert in Information Technology. You have asked him to let you turn on the FTP over SSL functionality in Filezilla to protect these very confidential file transfers. He states he has a very strong password as doesn’t worry about getting hacked. The other three engineers also have their own FTP servers. It is your goal to get him to make it policy for all engineers to use FTP/SSL for their transfers.

You ask him if you can perform an experiment and perform a capture of his next FTP transfer and he agrees. You have him log in using normal FTP and capture the session using Wireshark. You call this trace “ftp.pcap.” You then enable the FTP/SSL functionality and have him perform the exact same function. You capture this session and call it “ftp-over-SSL.pcap.”

You need to analyze these two trace files. Write a report (not to exceed five pages including screen shots) to convince Dr. Bennett to use FTP over SSL based on your findings. Your knowledge of Wireshark to this point should provide you with enough foundation to make your case.