human resource managementPaper instructions:

New Zealand has a poor record of workplace Health and Safety (OH&S). Employees in New Zealand are twice as likely to be killed or suffer serious harm compared to Australia, and six times as likely as employees in the United Kingdom (UK) (Worksafe NZ, 2015).   A key objective of The Health and Safety Reform Bill (2016) is to reduce workplace injury and death. As part of this Bill, a new legal concept has been introduced, namely that of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU). Under the new law the PCBU will have the primary duty of ensuring the health and safety of staff in the organisation and others affected by the work it carries out. Within the context of changing Health and Safety legislation and the introduction of the PCBU role, answer the following questions related to the case study posted on AUT Online: I.   As a HR manager, identify the Health and Safety (H&S) hazards and risks in this workplace. Suggest actions to pro-actively address these hazards and risks. (20%) II.Under the new legislation, PCBU’s have an obligation to prioritise money for risk minimisation and elimination. From your perspective as HR Manager, discuss the potential conflict between the ‘management prerogative’ of Human Resources and the need to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees. (30%) III. Discuss at least seven initiatives that could improve employee health and safety in this organisation, drawing on the concepts of ‘work-life balance’ and ‘workplace stress’. (30%) An additional 20% will be awarded for presentation, writing and use of additional sources (see the Report Marking Guide on AUT Online for detail). Here’s a business for those that are struggling to find one to use as an example for your report: You are the HR manager in a factory George & Sons Chemicals that manufactures chemical fertilisers for the horticultural sector. All chemicals are sold domestically and there are supply deadlines linked to the growing season for fruit and vegetables. This can put pressure on the manufacturing and distribution areas to complete orders on time. There are 100 employees across a number of functional areas. These include research and development, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, finance and human resources. All employees are based on one site, apart from those at the executive level (sales and marketing, finance and human resources).

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