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Paper Instructions:

Choose a leader from history whom you admire. Similarly to the Barnes, Humphreys, Oyler, Pane Haden, and Novicevic (2013) article that profiles Jerry Garcia, discuss which leadership style discussed in this unit (Laissez-faire, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Follower-centerd theories (Servant Leadership; Authentic Leadership that includes –Servant leadership; Authentic Leadership(Self-awareness, internal moral perspective, relational transparency, balance processing); Leader-member exchange (LMX) was employed by your admired leader.

Include the following in your essay:

– Summarize Bass’ leadership approaches.

– Summarize the follower-focused leadership theories: servant leadership, authentic leadership, and leadermember exchange (LMX).

– Discuss the concept of leadership and the importance of leadership, and explain why you selected the style you chose for your leader.

– Discuss the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the style exhibited by the leader you selected.

At least two pages in length with three references all paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

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