You will complete a qualitative research project about turning points, or changes across time in relationships. The goal of this project is to help you better understand communication in a specific type of relationship while giving you the opportunity to apply skills and concepts learned .

Turning points are significant events that either cause a relationship to increase or decrease in closeness. Some examples of turning points in  romantic relationships include first dates, big fights, and engagement 

Turning points are typically studied by having individuals reflect on the relationship to identify turning points, when they occurred, and how they impacted closeness in the relationship.

For the CMST:412 project, you will examine turning points in parent-young adult relationships during the transition to college.  ( See attached excel sheet from our class survey ) .

Your goal is to consider how relationships between parents and children change as children transition into young adulthood and begin college.

Students enrolled in CMST: 412 will generate the data for this project and you will have access to that data online.   See excel enclosed.

For the project, you will read research articles related to turning points and parent-child relationships, analyze data from other students, and write a research report that links what you have read to the data.

To do well on this project, you need to demonstrate the ability to summarize existing research, argue for the unique contribution of your project, analyze data to generate nuanced findings about communication in relationships, and explain why your study contributes significantly to existing research.

Project Overview: A description of each of the individual components of the project and due dates are listed below:

 The final paper is a 10-page paper in APA format.

Your paper will include the following sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References.

You are required to have at least seven sources.